Tips for Choosing the Best and Most Trusted Securities Company

Today investment is becoming a new lifestyle in society. Therefore, choosing the best securities company is one of the factors in investing.

Securities is a company that has received a business license from the OJK to carry out business activities as an intermediary for securities traders, underwriters, or other activities. The implementation of securities is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the capital market supervisor.

In other words, a securities company is an intermediary for you to buy a stock on the stock exchange. The two main activities of securities are as a broker-dealer, and as an underwriter.

As a securities trading intermediary, buying and selling are shares or securities for the benefit of oneself or other parties. As an underwriter, he is responsible for helping prospective public companies conduct public offerings of shares.

Currently there are various securities companies in Indonesia. But you have to be vigilant and be able to choose the best and trustworthy securities company. Here’s choosing the trusted and best securities company for you.

Pay Attention to the Initial Deposit Imposed

The initial deposit can be a reference for choosing a securities company (broker). To buy a stock, you must first make an initial deposit. Each broker has its own rules in determining the initial deposit.

Initial deposits can be made starting from Rp.100.000 to Rp.5.000.000. Avoid brokers with high initial deposits, because it is possible that the broker has doubts about its legality.

Although you are given a large profit offer, you should still be vigilant if the initial deposit requested by the broker is large enough. As a beginner, you should give an initial deposit in a low amount, so as to minimize losses.

Choose those with Small Transaction Fees

Transactions in the stock market certainly have buying and selling costs. It is this transaction that becomes a commission for the broker. Transaction fees can vary from 0.15% for buy transactions and 0.25% for sell transactions.

In addition to paying attention to the initial deposit, also pay attention to the transaction fee. Choose a broker with a small transaction fee. The best securities companies do not provide much transaction fees. If the costs incurred for the transaction are large enough.

It can make the profit you receive also decrease. Therefore, before choosing a securities company, first compare the transaction costs, so that the profits obtained will be maximized.

The Best Securities Companies Have Online Transaction Facilities

A securities company must of course have an online transaction facility. Currently, there are sophistication of features that can help the public in making transactions. One of them is to manage the stock market through online.

That way you can make stock transactions anywhere. In addition, the facilities owned by the best securities companies must be equipped with various features to facilitate the transaction process.

Best Securities Companies Clean from Bad Records and Officially Registered

The main thing you should pay attention to when choosing a securities company or broker is to have a license and legality. Not only does it promise huge profits, but it also has a license to operate.

Therefore you have to make sure that the broker is officially registered. In addition, you should make sure that the securities company is clean from bad records or blacklists.

Because if you have got a bad record, you can be sure that the broker has experienced problems.

Securities Companies Have Qualified Analysts

Analysts are needed for the success of an investor when investing in stocks. If a broker has qualified analysts then the company has high capabilities.

In addition, analysts are also useful as advisors for traders when making investments, so that it can be known how the stock is doing.

To choose a trusted broker you have to do your research beforehand, so that later the profit that can be obtained is also maximum. Choosing the best securities company determines the profit you will get.

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