Safe Unsecured Cooperative Loan Options

Making an unsecured cooperative loan is one solution if you need loan funds. Borrowing without collateral can make you unencumbered by the terms of the loan guarantee.

Of course, in cooperatives you are familiar with the Savings and Loans Cooperative (KSP). In this media, you can use it to make loans or save money.

Simply put, cooperatives become an important part of economic organizations that put the interests of their members first. Providing savings and loans activities in accordance with the principle of kinship and the principle of the people’s economic movement.

Along with the times, the savings and loans process in cooperatives has also developed. In its development, the cooperative also provides loans based on the agreements and mutual agreements of the members of the cooperative.

Even if you don’t join as a member of the cooperative, you can still make a loan. After you make a loan, you will automatically become a prospective member of the cooperative.

Advantages of Making Unsecured Cooperative Loans

Choosing a cooperative as a place to make a loan will help you better. There won’t be much of a burden you need to think about because usually cooperatives offer loans without requiring collateral.

The first advantage of borrowing an unsecured cooperative is the faster terms and application process. Cooperatives will provide services faster than loans in banks.

The cooperative will give you a flat interest and at any time it may also decrease. This is due to the purpose of establishing cooperatives to carry out economic equality in the community.

If you choose a cooperative to make a loan, it will avoid the practice of loan sharks. Cooperatives will not implement a profit-sharing system like loan sharking practices so that more profits can be obtained.

When you borrow in a cooperative, it automatically becomes a member of the cooperative. By becoming a member of the cooperative, you will get the Remaining Business Proceeds (SHU) which can be used to reduce loan interest.

You also don’t have to worry about unsecured cooperative loans the tax issues imposed by the cooperative. The taxes imposed on borrowers or cooperative customers are very light compared to the taxes provided by banks.

The existence of relief in paying this tax will certainly make you benefit. The cooperative will not reduce the cost of borrowing for a return greater than the lender.

Cooperative interest matters are also superior to making loans in banks. Cooperatives provide lower loan interest, where the ceiling is only with a nominal value of 3 billion rupiah and below.

For those of you who have joined as members of the cooperative, it will be easier to make a loan. The conditions for obtaining a loan are also easier than those who are not yet members of the cooperative.

Unsecured Cooperative Loan Requirements

Lending an unsecured cooperative certainly cannot be done casually. You need several requirements that must be met to be able to make an unsecured loan at a cooperative.

The first condition is that you are an Indonesian citizen. Where, the minimum age limit is 21 years old or 18 years married and the maximum age at maturity is 55 years.

The second condition that you need to have is e-KTP and NPWP. Where, the working age is at least 6 months. If the employment status is still a contract, then you need to include information about the employment contract expiring.

You also need to include an employee’s salary slip or an entrepreneurial business certificate. Especially for those of you who want to borrow online, it is mandatory to use an Android smartphone for borrowing.

The status of residence will also be asked for data by the cooperative. Where, the status of residence such as one’s own, parents or family needs to be written down for administrative completeness.

Then, if you live differently from the ID card address, then it is allowed to list it. If the status of a rental house, then the minimum has lived on the rental is more than 1 year.

If you borrow for funds or business capital, then the type of business to be formed is not an illegal business. Businesses not in accordance with applicable laws in Indonesia will not be given loans.

Requiring certain capital by making a loan is not a taboo anymore. Many people have already taken advantage of economic organizations to make loans, such as unsecured cooperative loans, one of them.

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