Requirements to Be Able to KUR BRI Syariah, Understand Now!

Good news for those of you who need KUR BRI Syariah, from now on you can take advantage of its presence. It is not difficult if you want to get goods, customers just need to apply by completing the applicable requirements.

Here the customer benefits because he can pay the loan dengan system in installments according to the amount of credit. The impact of the corona outbreak has not ended yet, in fact there are many sectors that have been forced to fall.

To respond to this, inevitably some people who have businesses are advised to use people’s business credit. Don’t worry, the contract used through a sale and purchase agreement between the customer and the bank.

It is a distinct advantage for those of you who borrow a certain amount of capital because during the installment process in accordance with the initial agreement. So that there are no extras such as interest, safer and avoid usury.

BRI Syariah is the government’s chosen bank to provide KUR to the public directly and quickly. Then what are the requirements that someone must meet if they want to apply for a KUR, see the full explanation.

Requirements That Must Be Met for KUR BRI Syariah

Before entering the complete provisions, we will provide the types of KUR first so that you don’t make the wrong choice. First, there is the Micro iB people’s business credit, the total loans reached 25 million.

You can pay off the entire loan with a period of six months to 4 years. In the second type, there is a Micro 200 iB, as the name suggests, the maximum customer loan is 200 million rupiah.

This is classified as for upper-middle-class entrepreneurs because of the minimum mandatory borrowing of 75 million, the length of installments is the same as the first type. However, for Micro 200 iB, you have to prepare a guarantee as usual.

Third, there is the 75 iB Micro Sharia BRI KUR, totaling 25 to 75 million rupiah using collateral as well. Finally, Micro 25 iB with a loan of 5 million to a maximum of 25 million.

Entering the conditions that must be met, one must know all of them so that the loan can run smoothly. Try to start early to follow the full explanation below to the end to know the conditions.

The earliest requirement for prospective customers must be individuals, not carrying the names of certain groups. Considering that it has become a provision to help the people in order to make the people’s business smoother and avoid losses.

Prospective borrowers are also required to have a privately owned business that runs productively. At least the provisions of the business have been going on for 6 months, so you must meet these conditions.

Then someone who wants to borrow is required not to be on bi’s national blacklist. There are several reasons why people are blacklisted, one of which has already done a lot of loans.

A Person’s Maximum Age is 65 Years

KUR BRI Syariah requires prospective customers to meet the maximum requirements when the maturity is 65 years old. Then the minimum age of the borrower when unmarried is a maximum of 21 years old, of course, it is very easy to meet it.

Not done until here, a person who will apply for a KUR is required to have no other credit. This aims to find out the burden from the borrower so that it is still within safe limits to be able to gradually.

The financial service system is definitely obliged to collectibility smoothly without any interference. Then just fill out the application form to apply for a people’s business credit to the BRI Syariah bank near their respective homes.

Entering on the document requirements, one must prepare several photo copies of the ID card, up to the family card. Then it is also required to have a special NPWB for a person when borrowing more than 50 million.

Also, prepare a photocopy of the marriage book if you already have an official relationship, and vice versa are single by asking from the village. Don’t forget to prepare a business certificate or you can use NIB.

Also complete the requirements regarding the notes on the results of selling products and services from your personal business. This is proof that the business you run is still productive and generates profits in the future.

Finally, prepare a guarantee that is in accordance with the provisions such as motorcycles, cars, BPKB, to certificates. After that, complete the transaction directly at the nearest BRI Syariah bank if you have successfully completed all the requirements.

Immediately register yourself now through a people’s business credit loan to get capital easily. Don’t forget the role of KUR BRI Syariah is very useful for someone when applying for a smooth guaranteed loan.

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