Online Grant Loan Requirements and How to Apply

Online grant loans are a form of government efforts to provide assistance to the community easily and quickly. Currently applications for aid programs or grants can be made online.

So you don’t have to come to the local government office to apply for it. One of them is an online grant loan for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). This assistance is provided to the community or institution.

Grant funds are gifts in the form of goods and services provided from one party to another. The grant is not the same as other social assistance.

If social assistance aims to help a particular community or organization in the face of a social crisis, then grants are given free of charge. Another difference is, this assistance must be accompanied by an accountability report.

So that the recipient does not immediately use it. Grantors can come from the central government, local governments, private companies, state-owned enterprises, or certain organizational institutions.

Online Grant Loan Terms

To get an online grant, you must complete several requirements, one of which is to have complete documents regarding population. One of the online grants is MSMEs, you can register them online.

This online grant loan can be applied to the government, creative economy agencies, SOEs, to private companies. In general, the requirement for beneficiaries for the community is to have a clear letter needed.

As well as having a position in an administrative area in the government. Meanwhile, the requirement for recipients for a group in the community is that they have been officially registered with the government in the area

Some of the requirements for obtaining grants from the government are as follows.

  1. Maximum age of 45 years
  2. Individually have a business startup that is proven to be productive, or at least the business has been running for 6 months and a maximum of 3 years
  3. Previously, it had not received similar assistance from SMEs and the Ministry of Cooperatives
  4. Have a minimum junior high school education / equivalent
  5. Have a valid electronic ID card
  6. Have participated in entrepreneurial debriefing
  7. Have business legality and a letter of approval from the local government
  8. Have an active business plan and savings account

In addition to MSMEs, another aid distributor is the Creative Economy Agency. Assistance from this agency is in the form of BIP or Government Intensive Assistance, assistance from this agency is non-banking capital.

Non-banking capital is the addition of working capital along with the investment of fixed assets. This agency can allocate assistance for each business actor with a nominal value of Rp.200,000,000,-. To apply for a loan, you can do it online.

How to Register an Online Grant Loan in the Form of MSMEs

One of the online grants that you can get is MSMEs. To start registering several documents you need to prepare in advance, including.

  1. National identity number(NIK)
  2. Family card number (KK)
  3. Full name
  4. Residential address
  5. Business field
  6. Phone number

After you register, then fill in the form in it according to the application. Make sure that the data you fill in is complete and correct. To get this help you have to do frequent searches on the internet.

Because there are not a few parties who provide grant loans online. Both from the government, private companies, and state-owned enterprises. But make sure that the agency providing the assistance is legal and legally recognized.

Grantees will usually give announcements through their official website. Nowadays important announcements are rarely in newspapers or other circulars. In addition, these helpers usually give a time limit.

So you must always ensure the time period of applying for assistance. Prepare some documents and requirements for getting an online grant loan, so that applications can also be processed quickly.

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