Direct Grant Loans Disburse Easily

Currently, to get a direct liquid grant loan can be obtained easily. Grants can be obtained from various parties, such as from the central government, regional governments, SOEs, the private sector and other institutions.

Grants are the provision of money/goods or services from the government to local governments, regional companies, organizations or institutions, and the community.

For the government, this fund is one of the sources of the STATE BUDGET or APBD which is used to finance regional programs. Currently, there are various types of assistance that can be obtained by the community.

The funds can be used for business capital, education, health,. However, there are still many people who do not know what and how to get and grant, both from the government, private companies, soes, and other social institutions.

Getting to Know What Grants Are

Grants are gifts from the government or certain organizations in the form of money and goods. His gift is given based on his purpose. The provision of assistance is not an obligation for the government to always provide to the community.

However, the public must submit. Grants are not the same as social assistance. Social assistance is a provision from the government to individuals, families, groups or communities with the aim of reducing social risks.

Grants can be interpreted as gifts or gifts from the government / private sector to other parties. This assistance is divided into three forms, namely in the form of money, goods, and services. Assistance in the form of services is usually such as research, training, education, and other services.

Several groups can get this assistance, including the government, other local governments, regional companies, community organizations, and the community.

Direct Liquid Grant Loans, These Are the Conditions

To get a loan of liquid direct grant funds, you need to pay attention to the requirements. The requirements for beneficiaries for the community are to have a management structure, have a position in the local area.

Meanwhile, the requirement for beneficiaries for organizations or community institutions is that they have been administratively registered in the government of both regional and central governments, at least 3 during the year.

The next condition is to be domiciled in the local government area, in addition to that, it must also have a permanent secretariat. After obtaining the grant, the recipient is not allowed to be careless in using the assistance.

The recipient must carry out reporting or accountability. For beneficiaries in the form of money, the recipient has the obligation to provide a usage report to the local area.

For beneficiaries in the form of services, the recipient has the obligation to submit a report on the use of assistance to the regions.

Application for a Direct Liquid Grant Loan

To get this assistance you must submit and complete administrative files according to the provisions, among others.

  1. Proposal for submission of assistance, in which there is a background, purpose, objectives, activity plan, and budget use plan.
  2. Integrity pact
  3. Affidavit containing that the applicant is willing to be audited
  4. For community institutions, you must attach a photocopy of the deed of establishment
  5. Notarialdeed regarding buildings from institutions
  6. Statement that it is responsible for the grant funds to be obtained
  7. TIN
  8. Certificate of residence or domicile from the local government
  9. Photocopy of Registered Certificate legalized by local officials
  10. For institutions that do not yet have a building, include a certificate of building or building contract
  11. Photocopyof ID card in the name of the chairman or secretary of a valid institution
  12. A copy of an active bank account
  13. An affidavit containing that the recipient is not receiving other assistance for equivalent activities.

By completing some of these requirements or documents you can get a grant loan that is immediately disbursed.

But keep in mind that after receiving this assistance you must be responsible and provide an activity report or accountability report. Currently, the government has provided a lot of grants for certain communities or institutions.

For the community, this assistance is widely used for working capital. By completing the requirements and going through the process, you can get a direct liquid grant loan.

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