Bank Mandiri Syariah Business Capital Loan for You

You can make a business capital loan from Mandiri Syariah bank if needed. Especially when you want to set up a business, then choosing a product from Bank Mandiri is the right solution.

Starting a business by borrowing business capital is not an open secret anymore. Most people take the courage to start a business by borrowing capital first for the smooth running of their business.

In such a situation, there are two possibilities for borrowing to be made. The first possibility is that the loan is used as the main capital. It is likely that the two loans will be used as additional capital to complement the main capital that has been owned.

You need to consider the various possibilities of this second loan. However, it is more advisable for you to borrow capital to complement the main capital that has been previously owned.

This is to avoid incompetence in the loan repayment process. Choosing a Mandiri Syariah bank can also be done to make a trusted business capital loan.

Types of Bank Mandiri Syariah Business Capital Loans

When you make a business capital loan at Mandiri Syariah bank, there are several types of loan options. The first type is a musyarakah that is lent to customers who want to start a business.

Funds will be obtained from the business capital and profits obtained. Where, later a system will be divided, namely the results will be divided in half between the customer and the bank.

This facility will give you several advantages. For example, providing a profit that can provide advantages and benefits compared to using the interest system when you choose this product.

When you want to repay the loan by choosing a musyarakah, it will feel easier. This is because the return is based on the realization of the business run by the borrower.

You can also get several business capital loan facilities for Mandiri Syariah banks. You will get the choice of installments every month or pay in its entirety at the end of the period.

The profit-sharing principle applied also uses a revenue sharing calculation system so that it is more visiting. In fact, customers can choose loans in the form of rupiah or dollars.

There are several things that you need to prepare when you want to apply for a loan in the form of a deliberation. Where, this requirement is categorized into two types, namely business entities and individuals.

Business entities need to prepare an account for the last 3 months, identity, deed of business establishment and business legality. Financial statements for the last 2 years, loan use plans and future business plans need to be prepared as well.

Individuals need personal and spouse data, KK, marriage certificate, account for the last 3 months and business legality. It is also necessary to prepare the last 2 years, plans for the use of funds and future business plans.

Other Types of Bank Mandiri Syariah Capital Loans

Not only providing musyarakah, mandiri syariah bank business capital loans also provide other types of loans. Another type of the first is investment financing in the form of domestic currency or foreign exchange.

The loan funds obtained can be used for business expansion, including rehabilitation and modernization. Accompanied also by various facilities provided in the form of several features.

The first feature is the financing limit given as needed. The loan is also based on the agreement of the borrower and the bank with a minimum borrower term of one year.

Other types of Mandiri Syariah bank business capital loans can be in the form of working capital financing. This loan aims to provide facilities for the purpose of prospective customers’ capital needs by being equipped with several financing features.

In working capital loans, loans can start from 500 million to 5 billion rupiah. The loan period is up to one year and the extension can be done according to the agreement.

Micro multipurpose financing is also provided by Mandiri Syariah bank. To apply for this type of financing, you need to complete several conditions that must be met and have been determined.

The first requirement is an Indonesian citizen who has a business that has been running for at least 3 years. The borrower’s age is at least 21 years old or married with an age limit of 65 years.

A husband or wife’s ID card, marriage certificate, KK or certificate of unmarried are required. For working capital, the loan period is 48 months and investment for 60 months is accompanied by a business certificate.

Making a loan to a private bank can also be your choice to start business capital. Of course, in accordance with the types provided, such as in the business capital loans of Mandiri Syariah banks.

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